Staying at the house

Guest Eligibility

We offer free housing to any patient or family member of a patient of the Mayo Clinic, which is within walking distance of both of our Philoxenia Houses, regardless of religious affiliation. After all, Philoxenia means love for our neighbor!
To be eligible for lodgings at Philoxenia House you must be a Mayo Clinic patient or visiting Mayo Clinic for medical purposes.

Admission Priorities

1.Individuals in need of shelter visiting for medical purposes and with financial need.
2.Individuals in need of shelter visiting for medical purposes with no financial need.
3.Assisting Family members or Guests of the above.

Special note: If there is not sufficient room in the house any of the above may be asked to vacate for a person/persons with a higher priority.


Admissions are provided on a first come, first serve basis and depending on availability.
You can Contact Us at 507-358-7260 for any information regarding your stay in the Philoxenia House.
We will explain the House’s policies and if these policies are agreeable to the prospective guests and or caregivers we will schedule desired lodging dates if those are available.

Due to the nature of our guests’ medical conditions, we cannot expect them to have firm check-out dates. Consequently, we cannot guarantee room days in advance to an incoming guest and we ask that the prospective guests call us 3-5 business days before arrival in Rochester so we can confirm their stay. Prospective guests seeking admission must provide a written form with name, address, and other appropriate reference information to the Philoxenia House Administrator or Committee.

Length of stay & cost

Maximum length of stay is one month unless an exception is made by the Administrator. We will make every attempt to have a guest stay as long as medically necessary. A guest may exceed his/her estimated length of stay only if it does not interfere with a guest having a reservation. There is no charge for staying in the Philoxenia Houses.

Guests, if they wish, may give a donation to Philoxenia House so we can keep maintain the operation of the houses. For more information on how to make a Donation please click here


To help keep our operating expenses as low as possible we ask our Guest coming to the houses to
“keep it in the same or better state as they found it”

  • Guests are required to also to follow a set of operating guidelines established by the Philoxenia
    House committee.
  • We ask are guest prior their check out or /and during their stay to keep the rooms clean, clean
    bathroom, kitchen and dining room areas and wash their dishes.
  • We ask are guests prior to their check out to wash and dry the bed linens and towels they have
    used, thoroughly clean the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Pets and Smoking is strictly prohibited in the houses.

Our goal is to continue to offer a welcoming and clean environment to all our guests.