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Depicted in the icon of the ‘Philoxenia’ of Abraham is the love-inspired and blessed virtue of hospitality most graciously shown by Abraham and his wife Sarah. From whatever Abraham had, he was able to muster his supplies in order to properly and most graciously entertain his “guests” by providing them with a meal and washing their feet.

The Holy Scriptures reveals to us that “God” appeared to Abraham and his wife to inform them of the great tidings, that Sarah would produce an offspring at a great age surpassing childbearing years. As Orthodox Christians we are also called in our daily struggles to mimic this kind of love and hospitality in our immediate environment. We at Holy Anargyroi are blessed to have so many faithful stewards from across the country who have partnered with us in our ministry of offering ‘philoxenia/hospitality’ to those seeking medical treatment at Mayo Clinic. Although this unique outreach is primarily managed locally by tireless volunteers, your active participation, e.g. prayers, raising awareness, fundraising events, donations, referrals, etc. is a seminal and indispensable aspect of our continued success.

God comes to us in so many different ways revealing His love and generous mercy and we are called to reciprocate this example in our daily not the work of the Philoxenia House the perfect opportunity? It is our prayer that the example of Abraham may guide us in helping those less fortunate, those who seek the mercy of God, and those who rely on the generosity and hospitality of those poised to offer and act.

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